Revenue Share for Car Park Owners

We'll install rapid DC electric vehicle chargers for free and  share the profits with our car park partner for allowing us to fit EasyGo rapid chargers on their site.

As a partner on the Easygo.ie Charging Network you will -

What Easygo.ie offers - 

  • Attract over 3000 EasyGo EV Drivers to your business
  • Increase footfall, as charging locations encourage more visits
  • Increase stay periods for customers charging
  • Make your GREEN statement and show how you are supporting climate sustainability¬†
  • Free DC Charger Supply and Consultation with Operation and Maintenance Control
  • Complete customer management
  • Your location advertised with on all EV Charging Map¬†
  • A new form of income for your business

Contact us today to have a charger fitted!