Save More With EasyGo


More Choice, Bigger Savings


On the EasyGo app you get live access on all EasyGo, ESB and Ionity / Circle K electric vehicle chargers across Ireland and Northern Ireland – almost 2,500 chargers all on one app, on your phone.


This is thanks to an interoperability roaming agreement EasyGo has with other Charge Point Operators.

1,050+ EasyGo chargers  |  1,350+ ESB chargers  |  20+ Ionity / Circle K chargers


With the recent energy price rises, many suppliers have had to increase prices and we have had to pass on price increases accordingly.  As always, all rates and prices for each charge-point location are clearly set out on the EasyGo app to check before you charge.


How to Save With EasyGo


We are mindful that energy costs rising, so we are setting our prices to make it possible for EV drivers to save money by switching exclusively to using their EasyGo account – with NO monthly subscription fees and at the same time having access to more chargers.


We know the average driver charges mostly at home and needs an average 22kWh charge per month on public chargers. In this scenario, drivers can SAVE almost €30 annually by exclusively using their EasyGo account based on two charging sessions per month at 11kWh charge per session – see details below:


Service / Rates EasyGo Competitor
Monthly Fee € 0.00 € 4.79
Access Fee € 0.27 € 0.00
AC / fee per kWh € 0.50 € 0.34
DC <51kW fee per kWh € 0.50 € 0.39
DC >51kW fee per kWh € 0.50 € 0.42


Annual Costs to Charge 22kWh Monthly EasyGo Competitor Savings with EasyGo
AC  € 138.48 € 147.24 € 8.76
DC <51kWh € 138.48 € 160.44 € 21.96
DC >51kWh € 138.48 € 168.36 € 29.88

Reminder to start and use an ESB eCars, or Ionity chargers in Rep. Ireland on the EasyGo app you need to have the below minimum funds in your wallet on the app:

  • €10 for AC chargers
  • €17 for DC chargers