Irelands EASY EV Charge Network

Find an available charging station nearby or on your journey
Book a charging station in advance
Provide feedback on your  charger experience
No more hassle with  cards – do everything with your phone
Start and stop charging with the web app
Pay for one-off use or create a monthly account with no registration fees

Find an EV Charging Station on the map

BillPay Subscription Account

Our BillPay Subscription customers pay their EV Charging costs in one monthly lump sum. If you opt to become a bill pay customer, you’ll receive your statement for your previous month’s charging at the beginning of each month.

Pay As You Go (Coming Soon)

EV Drivers who want to pay for each individual charge, can choose our Pay As You Go approach and fully register later. If you intend to charge more than once we recommend you use the prepaid program to save more.

Using the EasyGo Network

1. Simply plug in your EV and open our Web App to access EasyGo.

2. Register as a BillPay Subscription User

3. Choose the Charge Point you wish to switch on. The number is on each Charge Point.

4. Choose your Charging duration and start Charging

Charging costs are determined by the Car Park owners. Each Charge Point pricing model can be seen before you begin charging.

You can contact us via the user area after you sign in to your account or you can call us on 01 25 444 79.

You can register online by filling in your details here . – Register for MyEasyGo

Charging speed depends on the car’s battery capacity, the battery level at the time of connection, the charging capacity of each car model, the cable used for charging (single-phase or three-phase depending on the model). At AC power stations, a full charge (from 0% to 100%) of an electric car can take an average of 2-4 hours, while at a DC station a charge of 0% to 85% – 90% of the batteries can take an average of 25 minutes.

Parking is free of charge or charged depending on the policy of the management of each car park. 

FEE as set up by the Charge Point Owner Connection fee (Summer 2018 Offer)Cost per kWh
EasyGo Subscription – Zone 0FREEFREE
EasyGo Subscription – Zone 10.12 €0.16
EasyGo Subscription  – Zone 20.12 €0.18
EasyGo Subscription  – Zone 30.12 €0.22
EasyGo Subscription  – Zone 40.12 €0.25
EasyGo Subscription  – Zone 50.12 €0.30
EasyGo Subscription  – Zone 60.12 €0.35

All AC  Charge Points have Type 2 sockets, the European standard. Users must have their own Type 2 male charging cable on the side connected to the charging station and depending on their car with the corresponding female plug.

Type 2 examples are – for BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Porshe, SMART, Renault ZOE etc. Type 1 – J1772 – for NISSAN, Peugeot, Citroen Mitsubishi, etc. 

We are constantly adding new charge points to our EasyGo Network. Charger locations can be seen on our map.

Charging your Car

AC charging

STEP by STEP instructions on how to operate your EasyGo Charger

1. Log into your account

2. Choose the charge point by its code and number

3. Plug into the charger and your EV

4. Choose the duration you want to charge for

5. Charging will commence immediately

6. Fees may apply based on the tariff set by Charge Point Owner.
** Check each Charger for individual pricing.

PAYG Connection fee: Not Currently Available
BillPay Subscription Connection fee: €0.12 (kW/hour usage fee after that) - Summer 2018 Offer
 Connection fee
Cost per kWh
EasyGo Zone 1N/A/€0.12 €0.16
EasyGo Zone 2N/A/€0.12 €0.18
EasyGo Zone3N/A/€0.12 €0.22
EasyGo Zone 4N/A/€0.12 €0.25
EasyGo Zone 5N/A/€0.12 €0.30
EasyGo Zone 6N/A/€0.12 €0.35

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