Terms & Conditions

EasyGo.ie – Ireland’s Car Charging Network

operated by CarCharger EV Limited

About Us

EasyGo.ie Charging Network operated by CarCharger EV Limited (EasyGo.ie Charging Network) (“we”) run a network of electric vehicle charge points which we allow our subscribers (“you”) to use.

The EasyGo.ie Charging Network is a mixture of free to use, and BillPay charge points, which can be accessed using an Access Fob or using our web application.

These are the terms and conditions which you are agreeing to by signing up to become a subscriber of the EasyGo.ie Charging Network or by using our free to use charge points.


Using the EasyGo.ie Charging Network

You do not need to register to use free to use charge points.

Before you start using BillPay charge points you will need to register on our website www.easygo.ie , where you must to provide us with a valid email address.

You must be at least 17 years old to subscribe or to use to the EasyGo.ie Charging Network.

There is no cost to subscribe to the EasyGo.ie Charging Network. There may be a cost to purchase an Access Fob. The cost will be displayed on the EasyGo website. The pricing model fees and charges associated with using BillPay charge points are displayed on our website and on the associated charge point of our web app and include a Connection Fee in addition to a kW/hour usage charge. These fees and charges may vary across our EasyGo.ie Charging Network.


BillPay Payments

Before you can access our BillPay charge points you must provide us with an acceptable payment method by returning a completed Direct Debit form, which will be emailed to you upon registering on the EasyGo.ie website.

Electronic Direct Debit payments are collected through GoCardless and details can be found here – https://gocardless.com/legal/.

You will receive an email from us each month detailing your BillPay amount for the previous month and your payment will be processed 8 days after this email is sent to you.


How to find a Charge Point

You can find details of the locations of ours and other charge points on our web application.

We endeavour to keep the information in relation to our charge points accurate but we do not guarantee that the information contained on this site is correct or up-to-date.


Accessing our Charge Points

We aim to keep our charge points well maintained and functioning, but we cannot guarantee that you will be able to access a charge point or that it will be working.

If you become aware of a fault on one of our charge points please let us know through the Help Desk on our web application and we will endeavour to get it fixed.


Making Changes to your Subscription

You must notify us immediately of changes to your subscription.

By emailing us to support@easygo.ie or by calling (01) 25 444 79 if:

  • your payment method needs to be changed
  • you wish to end your subscription account

Through our web application if:

  • your billing address changes
  • your email address changes

If you don’t notify us of any of these changes in a timely manner and we incur costs as a result this, we will bill you for these costs.


Ending your Subscription

You can end your subscription at any time by contacting us:

Telephone:                +353 (0)1 254 4479

Email:                          support@easygo.ie

Once you tell us that you want to end your subscription we will email you to tell you how much your final bill is and once the payment has been received we will end your subscription.



You are liable for all damage resulting from or partly resulting from a defect in the electric vehicle or the charging cable.


How to make a Query or Complaint

If you would like to make a query or complaint you can contact us:

Telephone:                +353 (0)1 254 4479

Email:                          support@easygo.ie


Changes to our Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time without telling you in advance. Up-to-date terms and conditions are available on our website for you to review regularly.


Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions are subject to the laws of the Republic of Ireland. The courts of the Republic of Ireland have exclusive jurisdiction over all claims or disputes arising in relation to these terms and conditions.


Privacy Notice

Our Privacy Notice is available on our website. It explains how and when we collect personal information, why we do so and how we manage and protect this information. It also explains your rights in relation to the use of your personal information and how you can exercise these rights.