EasyGo and MHL Hotel Collection | Electric Vehicle Charging Partnership

Image of EasyGo EV Charging Infrastructure and car at MHL Collection hotel

EasyGo and MHL Hotel Collection | Electric Vehicle Charging Partnership

With Summer just around the corner, are you looking for a hotel where you can #chargetostop your EV? We have the answer!

EasyGo has been working with the MHL Hotel Collection for the past two years to install 20 AC chargers across six hotels:

EasyGo and MHL Hotel Collection Partnership

Images of EasyGo Charging Infrastructure at MHL Hotel Collection locations

Speaking on this partnership, John Coleman, Group Procurement Manager, MHL Hotel Collection said:

“We noticed a sharp increase in the number of customers demanding EV charging facilities as part of their stay, so we are delighted to be working with EasyGo to provide infrastructure in locations across the country.

It gives our customers reassurance that they can enjoy their stay without having the anxiety to search for charge ports nearby. The installation process was seamless and we were impressed by how quickly the chargers were up and running. It’s an excellent service for our guests.

EV adoption will continue to rise so the need to provide charge ports will only increase, and we are in discussions with EasyGo to add DC charging infrastructure across our hotel portfolio now and into the future”

We’re delighted to be working with MHL now and into the future!

Are you a commercial operator looking to join Ireland’s largest EV charging network provider? Call our Network Partnership Team now on 01 254 4456 or visit https://easygo.ie/commercial-and-fleet/ for more information.