EasyGo Unveils EV Charger Network Creating 50 Jobs

EasyGo new charger being announced with Chris Kelly, Gerry Cash and Heather Humphreys pictured

EasyGo Unveils EV Charger Network Creating 50 Jobs

EasyGo.ie, Ireland’s first privately-owned electric vehicle (EV) charging network, yesterday unveiled it’s new advanced, publicly-available DC charger at the Four Seasons Hotel in Monaghan.

The successful installation marks the first deployment of a rapid charger in Ireland on a new site in some time, and the first deployment of a 50kW DC public charger on a private network in Ireland. The charger, the most advanced of its kind with the smallest physical footprint in the world, can add 50 kilometres of range to an electric vehicle in just 10 minutes.

EasyGo.ie, founded in 2018 by Chris Kelly and Gerry Cash, also announced plans to install 88 of Tritium’s DC rapid chargers by the end of 2020, with at least 20 to be deployed by the end of 2019, leading to the creation of up to 50 new jobs in operations and customer support.

The charger was unveiled at a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Four Seasons Hotel in Monaghan yesterday afternoon. The Ceremony was attended by Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation, Heather Humphreys T.D.

Speaking yesterday, Minister Humphreys said, “The deployment of the EasyGo.ie DC rapid charger is yet another step forward in our efforts to combat climate change. Ireland has been a leader in the eMobility space for some time, and with EasyGo.ie entering the market and establishing itself quickly with installations such as this one and those planned for the future, Ireland will continue to lead the way.”

Source: www.businessworld.ie