Meet the EasyGo Team | Gary Flanagan – Technical Lead

Meet the Team - Gary Flanagan - Technical Lead - EasyGo

Meet the EasyGo Team | Gary Flanagan – Technical Lead


Gary Flanagan


Technical Lead



How long have you been at EasyGo? 

5 years

Why did you join EasyGo? 

I was looking to get back into the electrical side of work, as I am an electrician by trade. As EV charging was taking off, I was lucky that EasyGo gave me a chance to get back into my passion. I started working on home installations and moved into the office to my role now as Technical Lead. 

Can you describe your role? 

I work on projects from when they come in from the Sales team, and work with the Project Managers to make sure they have the right information on customers and their site requirements. I build ‘charging clusters’ to fit what power-grid the customer has available to them and provide advice on what additional hardware is needed. If they want to make changes, additions or prioritise different spaces, I will also help with those asks. 

What excites you most about working for EasyGo? 

The technology that’s involved is constantly changing and new products are coming to the market. I like keeping up to date and looking at what offers can be created to enhance our customers’ experiences.  

Life outside of work? 

I run with my local athletic club and have taken part in a couple of marathons over the past few years. I train Tuesday and Thursdays and get out for a long run at the weekend.   

Behind the wheel with Gary: 

Favourite road trip? 

The road to Dingle, magical when the weather is good.  

Go to driving song? 

Anything by the Mary Wallopers  

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