Meet the EasyGo Team | Victor Balfry – Commercial Manager

Victor Balfry - Meet the Team - EasyGo

Meet the EasyGo Team | Victor Balfry – Commercial Manager


Victor Balfry


Commercial Manager 



How long have you been at EasyGo? 

2.5 years 

Why did you join EasyGo? 

I was excited to join as it was a startup. My background in forecourt retail I had built strong relationships through that, which I felt would benefit EasyGo. I also wanted to be part of change. I want to look back in 10- or 20-years’ time to say EasyGo was big part of providing EV infrastructure across the country, I will be proud of that. 

Can you describe your role? 

My day-to-day includes working with the Sales Team across all key accounts under our main sectors: workplace and fleet, shared living hospitality, retail and forecourt, community and clubs and local authorities. As we are constantly growing, my role has changed so much but I’m currently helping to shape the Sales team to cover the island of Ireland and the areas we believe need electric charging. 

What excites you most about working for EasyGo? 

Since I started, EasyGo is in the position that no other private company in this space is in. It’s very exciting to be a part of that. We’ve gone from a small team to a larger organisation, which is continuing to grow. I’ve had the benefit of being involved in a bit of everything, understanding all sides of the business.  

Life outside of work? 

Work is very busy but I’m big sports fan, mostly GAA and Rugby.  

Behind the wheel with Victor: 

Favourite road trip? 

West Cork, anyplace from Skibbereen down.  

Go to driving song? 

I switch-off and enjoy the ride, so there’s no tunes needed! 

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