Midleton Park Hotel Gets a Boost With EasyGo Chargers

Electric vehicle being charger with the new EasyGo charger at the Midleton Park Hotel

Midleton Park Hotel Gets a Boost With EasyGo Chargers

Midleton Park Hotel is the latest hotel to install EasyGo EV charge points in it’s car park. The four star hotel on the N25 just outside Cork City is the perfect place to stop and charge your electric vehicle if you are staying as a guest or even just passing through and want to stop off for a tasty bite or quality coffee.

EasyGo have installed four new EV chargers in the main car park in a convenient spot with ground markings and signage to highlight that the parking spaces are only for electric vehicles to park and charge using the EasyGo app or fobs.

Image of Midleton Park Hotel

The hotel is part of The Talbot Collection who have partnered with EasyGo to install and manage EV EasyGo EV chargers on the wall of the Midleton Park Hotel charge points in all their hotels and premises across Ireland. Their aim is to provide their guests and visitors with the best facilities to suit their lifestyles in a more sustainable way, and with the ever increasing number of electric vehicles, now is the right time to cater for these customers.

Installing EV chargers are one of the many steps the hotel and the entire Talbot Collection are taking to greater sustainability with other initiatives such as low energy lighting, recycling and water conservation already in place across the group.

We look forward to continue working with The Talbot Collection as we install more EasyGo charge points for their customers.


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